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An introduction to hair embroidery & styling

Take your embroidery to the next level and learn how to style embroidered hair! With the hair embroidery email course, you’ll learn all the essentials for different hairstyles.

In the past weeks, I have received a lot of questions on how to stitch specific hairstyles. This free email course will answer them and give you even more tools and knowledge for your own hairy portraits. We will talk about my favorite method of stitching hair, different kinds of braids and how to achieve them, how to get the perfect bun and the solutions to typical problems in hair embroidery.

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In this email course you will learn:

  • my favorite method of stitching hair
  • how to do different kinds of braids
  • making ponytails and the messy bun
  • 3 hairy problems solved

In this free email course, you will not only learn how to stitch hair but how to style the threads. It includes video tutorials as well as quick tips that I found out the hard way. It also includes a special offer for my hair embroidery pattern “Sisters forever“.

Let’s do this together!

Hey, I’m Anne and I’m your teacher for this email course about hair embroidery.
Hand embroidery is such a calming & relaxing craft – as long as it all works out the way you want it. I’m here to provide you with step by step instructions that are easy to follow.
But most of all, embroidery is all about having fun in the process!

free hair embroidery email course
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