The Embroidery Hoop shopping list

embroidery hoop shopping list

One question I get asked regularly is this:

Where can I shop hoop x or hoop y? There seems to be no one selling them!

I buy my tools and materials over here in Online Shops from Germany and never had a problem not finding anything I needed. Back when I had the DMC hoops in my Etsy Shop I was very surprised to send them all over the world. I always thought at least the wooden hoops would be all over the place.

The truth is, quality hoops are not omnipresent in every country or part of a country. Living in a rural setting now myself, it is a major preplanned operation to go shopping in the “big town” (ok that big town is either our former home town or Berlin, which arguably is THE big town here in Germany and I can get almost everything there). I also know that many of you live in a part of the country that takes an even longer drive than the 1 hour we need to go to Berlin.

Disclaimer: This article contains affiliate links.

embroidery hoop shopping list

Consequently online shopping has become a blessing for us. The shops I want to introduce you to are all Online Shops and many sell internationally. So regardless of the country you live in, I’m sure you will find something. The list below is sorted by country. I have tried to include not as many as possible but shops with a large variety of hoops so you don’t need to order from many different shops to get a decent collection.

Disclaimer: This shopping list contains affiliate links. This means when you buy from one of my affiliate partners I will receive a small commission from them.


Create in Stitch (ships internationally) – various wooden hoops and hoop stands

Australian Needle Arts (ships internationally) – wooden hoops, spring tension hoops, q-snap frames, stretcher bars

The Quilters Store / The Embroiderer’s Store (ships internationally) – wooden hoops (up to 14”!), metal frames, plastic hoops, q-snap frames, spring tension hoops

FRANCE – in french

Perles Corner – Dandelyne mini hoops

GERMANY – in german

Zur Lila Pampelmuse (ships internationally) – Dandelyne mini hoops, wooden hoops

Muckout – wooden oval and round hoops

Schrägstich – Dandelyne mini hoops

Stickteufelchen (ships internationally) – wooden hoops, q-snap frames, spring tension hoops

SPAIN – in spanish

Mimidae – kircum hoops with ears

Slow Taller – kircum hoops with ears

Territorio Craft – kircum hoops with ears, wooden hoops

Manos Maravillosas (ships to Spain + Portugal) – spring tension hoops, wooden hoops, q-snaps, plastic hoops


Sew and So (ships internationally)- huge range! wooden hoops, spring tension hoops, flexi hoops (colorful + “wooden”), plastic hoops, Dandelyne mini hoops, q-snap frames, scroll frames, bar frames

Hobbycraft (ships internationally) – wooden hoops, spring tension hoops, flexi hoops, q-snaps

Cloud Craft (ships internationally) – Dandelyne mini hoops, wooden hoops, flexi hoops, plastic hoops, spring tension hoops, q-snap, metal jewelry frames

Stitcher (ships internationally) – wooden hoops, flexi hoops, spring tension hoops


Needle in a haystack (ships internationally) – huge range of wooden hoops, metal hoops, spring tension hoops, q-snap frames, plastic hoops

Nordic Needle (ships internationally) – huge range! Dandelyne hoops, wooden hoops, ornament frames, stretcher bars, q-snaps, spring tension hoops, plastic hoops

Purl Soho (ships internationally) – wooden hoops

French General – french metal hoops

Easy Street Crafts (ships internationally) – hoop frames

Craft Habbit – 3D printed colorful hoops

Course: embroidery hoop tool box

Online course: Embroidery hoop toolbox

This course shows you how to avoid common mistakes that can cause problems with your embroidery and how to use hoops to make your embroidery shine!

embroidery hoop shopping list
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