Embroidery Stitch Glossary

In search of a stitch?

If you need to find the name of a certain embroidery stitch or a translation: this page is for you!

All the 208 embroidery stitches of the stitch lexicon are listed here with their names and all the translations I could find. Use them to find a name to a stitch or how it is named in your own language.

The embroidery stitches are listed by Stitch Family so that you can find them more easily. If you have the name of a stitch and are looking for the visual, try using the search function of your browser or the search bar of this website to find your stitch.

If you want to learn the stitches with picture tutorials, you’ll find them in the Lexicon of Embroidery Stitches.

PS: if you have more translations for embroidery stitches that are not listed here, I would love to add them to this list.

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embroidery stitch picture glossary
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