The embroidery stitch lexicon video edition

lexicon of embroidery stitches

In 2016, I embarked with you on a journey through the land of embroidery stitches. For a year, I created new stitch tutorials every month so that you can find them easily and use them in your stitchy projects.

In the past years, the stitch lexicon has been playing a big part in Pumora. Even I look up some stitches I seldom use in there!

Now, here is the thing: many embroidery stitches can be very tricky to understand with still shots of each movement. Sometimes a movement is so out of the usual stitching process that if you haven’t done it before, it can be challenging to wrap your head around it. Like those illustrated Origami instructions I always don’t get…

I know from my own experience how frustrating and time-consuming it can be when the AHA-moment is not coming. I have tried to learn knitting techniques from old craft books and it often did not click at all.

The joy of video tutorials

That is why video tutorials are such a great thing to learn from. You can see the movement of the hands and the thread if done well. The knitting techniques I talked about earlier – I learned them 10 years later with video tutorials. You don’t have to wait 10 years because there is something in the making…

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Support the making of over 200 embroidery stitch tutorials and get some exclusive bonus content on the way.

The Embroidery Stitch Lexicon Video Edition

The Stitch Lexicon will get a massive overhaul in the next months and years to come. And you might have guessed it:

All embroidery stitches will get an additional video tutorial.

Every Sunday starting this week, you’ll be treated to a brand new embroidery stitch video here on Pumora.

There will be one new post for every stitch with the video & photo tutorial, and a schematic tutorial. Also, in case you are wondering…

The Stitch Lexicon will remain a free resource.

There are no strings attached to this. Just like the online version of the current Stitch Lexicon, you’ll have access to all video stitch tutorials for free.

I need your help

The creation of this new version of the Stitch Lexicon will eat up a lot of time and resources from my regular work at Pumora. As you can imagine this is a lot of videos, photos, and schematics to make considering that there are currently 208 stitches in the lexicon (and I found even more in the last years). I don’t want to put the tutorials themselves behind a paywall, but I simply cannot make this happen all on my own.

So, I have come up with a fun way to fund this enormous project: Patreon.

Patreon is a platform where you can subscribe to Pumora and get monthly benefits and perks that are exclusive to my Patrons (that is how subscribers are called over there).

You can choose between different tiers of subscriptions coming with their own set of benefits. And I have come up with some fun benefits that I hope you’ll enjoy!

As you can see, this is not just a simple crowdfunding campaign. Patreon is more of an ongoing community feature paired with an embroidery course (in my case that is). Everyone at any tier can download and stitch up their own sampler. Whether you do it with the already available photo tutorials or make it a weekly activity with the Sunday stitch video – it is up to you.

Having you as a supporter for the Stitch Lexicon helps me a lot to keep the lights running over here on Pumora, to create the content and embroidery instructions you want to see in a way that is most helpful to you.

Thank you for being here,



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