7 days of stitches: straight stitch

Coming to the last days of the 7 days of embroidery stitches with the: Straight stitch. Straight stitches are THE stitch. It’s like a line you draw with a pencil – you can make anything with it. Depending on how you arrange them, how long you make them or how short, the straight stitch can be everything you want it to be.

How to do the straight stitch

how to embroider the straight stitch

1// Stick the needle where you want your stitch to end.

how to embroider the straight stitch

2// Go up where you want the next stitch to be and repeat step 1. Yup, it’s that easy. I told you so.

how to embroider the straight stitch

Straight stitches don’t have to be used in a geometric pattern like in this tutorial, you can use them chaotically.

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