The best of Bee hand embroidery patterns

the best of bee hand embroidery

Today is the World Bee Day! Bees play such a significant role in ecosystems around the world and rightfully get their own day of celebration. In embroidery, the bee and flowers are such an iconic combination throughout history. As the symbol of diligence, there is much we can learn from this industrious little insect.

In the following collection, you’ll find all the bee-utiful goodness to bee happy all day (sorry, I just HAD to insert these). From embroidery patterns and kits, fabrics, and notions to a wonderful find of hand stitch products, get stitchy and celebrate the day of the bee!

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the best of bee hand embroidery

Bee hand embroidery patterns

Bee happy cross stitch kit by leia patterns

Bee Happy cross stitch pattern

Bring some happy bee vibes into your home with this cross stitch pattern by Leia Patterns

bumblebee needlepainting pattern by Emillie Ferris

Bumblebee needle painting pattern

This amazing pattern by Emillie Ferris teaches you the basics of needle painting. I have embroidered some of her patterns personally and highly recommend them! This bumblebee pattern is no exception.

Honey bee bear

Magnus and Quill creates the most enchanting embroidery patterns. I love this scenery so much – like really all of her designs! Seriously, if you like cute embroidery styles, definitely visit her shop!

floral bee embroidery pattern by floralsandfloss

Floral Bee embroidery pattern

Showing a bee in the meadows doing what bees do, this embroidery pattern conserves a piece of spring for your home. Designed by Floralsandfloss on Etsy.

bee pattern by MaggieJosStudio

Colorful bee pattern

This interpretation of the bee by Maggie Jo’s Studio features some cute textured stitches and florals. Get the pattern here.

bees and butterflies embroidery pattern by Ohsewbootiful

Bees and Butterflies

It doesn’t get more colorful than this, right? With this preprinted fabric with instructions by Ohsewbootiful, you have all the means to stitch up your own bee-utiful meadow.

Fuzzy Bee embroidery pattern

This hand embroidery pattern by Odinaddy features a fuzzy back of the bee. It is a nice technique that you simply have to try out!

Wildflower and bee hive kit

VickiNStitches makes these wonderful wildflower and honey bee embroidery kits. Get started with all things you need and stitch your own little idyllic scenery.

Bee embroidery supplies

beeswax thread conditioner by snuggly monkey

Beeswax Thread conditioner

Tame your nasty metallic or linen threads with a dose of beeswax. It works wonders! There are a lot of options on Etsy, I like this one from snuggly monkey.

honey bee buttons by pieceful design

Honey bee buttons

Yes, there are honey bee buttons and it is totally ok to use them as an adult. Get them over on Etsy at PiecefulDesign.

yellow bee fabric by swkfabrics

Yellow bumble bee fabric

Caution: cuteness overload! This lovely fabric can be found at SWKfabrics and bee used for all of your bee-utiful bee projects.

bee ribbon by papersandbox

Honey bee ribbon

Add a bit of country chic to your project with this old french style bee ribbon by ThePaperSandbox.

Hand Embroidered Goods by All the beautiful linen

Bring a touch of country living into your home with the hand-embroidered goods of all the beautiful linen. As these are finished products, they are perfect for gifting without the hustle of stitching them up yourself.

embroidered bee lavender satchets by all the beautiful linen

Bee lavender sachets

Bring in the scent of summer into your house with these ready-made embroidered bee sachets on linen fabric.

embroidered bee linen pouch bag by all the beautiful linen

Bee linen pouch

Perfect for laundry, kid’s toys and other things that tend to lay around, this hand-embroidered bee bag is the solution to get things tidy.

hand embroidered bee linen apron by all the beautiful linen

Linen bee apron

What is not to love about this linen apron. For all the busy bees, this hand-embroidered apron is for you.

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the best of bee hand embroidery
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