Felt Christmas Ornaments and a felt star

christmas ornaments made with felt pattern by Alicia Paulson

Felt Christmas ornaments are so much fun to make! There are so many patterns around and they always look cute.

For many years, I wanted to make the Christmas ornaments from Alicia Paulson. And this year I bought one of her kits!

The door is my absolute favorite. The wreath is so beautiful to stitch up and I think I could use it for some Christmas cards. The pattern is the “Sweet Home Ornament Set” by Alicia Paulson.

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christmas ornaments made with felt pattern by Alicia Paulson

The felt star dilemma

Last year I made the glorious felt star from the Purl Bee Blog in extra large as a tree topper. Although it looked good, I secretly wished I had stuffed it. The arms look wonky and wrinkled (although I used a 2nd layer of felt on the inside to stabilize it) and it was not easy to make it look even and smooth.

This week, I cut up the links between the two stars and made a cross cut in the middle of the back to add some light stuffing. Then I stitched the links together again – no need to close the cuts in the middle since they are in the middle of both stars and not visible. Also, you can add or take out more stuffing if you are not entirely happy with it, later.

Tree topper before and after

I’m so happy that I did the extra work and stuffed the star. Next time, I would definitely make one of the smaller versions though. I think they will hold their shape nicely even without the stuffing.


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alicia paulson christmas ornaments 2

Christmas felt ornaments

Read more about my experience with two popular felt ornament patterns by Alicia Paulson & the PurlBee.

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