Gift ideas for embroidery lovers

gift guide for embroidery enthusiasts

If you are anything like me, there are only so many gifts that come into your mind for Christmas – and other holidays for that matter. Finding gifts for the people who already have everything is a difficult task!

Lucky you, if the person who you want to give something to is an embroidery lover. Here are some great Christmas gift ideas for the embroidery enthusiasts in your life – and yes, this somehow reflects my own wish list of embroidery-related stuff.

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Needle Minders

Hold your working needles in one place with a needle minder. It is a little magnetic device you can put on your embroidery hoop or fabric which holds your needles. The needle minder has many names: needle nanny, needle keeper, needle rest and the list goes on.

Needle minders come in many variations, and I’m sure you’ll find one for your taste (ahem, I meant for your friend whom you’re giving it to *wink*)

1// cake shaped polymer minder by chapelviewcrafts 2// hand-painted hare needle keep by YWAcrafts3// handstitched needle keep by ricamoeplasticcanvas4// a heart for cross stitch enamel needle minder by Stitchonomy 5// Unicorn popsicle needle minder by LolliandGrace

Thread conditioner

Thread conditioner or thread wax is a tool to tame your embroidery thread and make it even easier to work with. Whether you buy it for yourself or a fellow embroidery lover – you will love how this simple tool improves your stitching experience!

1// natural beeswax in a lipstick tube by DuchessFrouFrou2// sheep-shaped beeswax by TheThreadGatherer3// rainbow thread conditioner by BenzieDesign4// DIY beeswax tutorial on Pumora5// thread conditioner pendant by DesireeBoissier6// scented sew fine thread Gloss by HawthornHandmade


Gifting scissors might appear a bit too mundane to you. However, with all these modern and vintage style shapes and colors, there is no need to have boring scissors anymore! There are embroidery scissors for every taste out there, so which one would you like to have?

1//butterfly embroidery scissors by Craftywoolfelt2// ornate vintage embroidery scissors by LeiaPatterns3// Japanese snips by Bungustore4// rose gold folding scissors by snugglymonkey 5// colorful mini scissors by Craftywoolfelt6// black embroidery scissors by astymegoesby

Thread savers/Floss organizers

The age-old question: How to store embroidery floss? From sorting boxes to ring binders and thread rolls – there are a lot of possibilities to store your threads. Thread savers or thread keeps are tools to keep your working threads organized by project. Things like this make stitching so much easier and are often items that not every embroidery lover already has.

1// DMC thread storage box by SewProCrafts> – 2// cross stitch thread organizer by craftismo3// honeycomb-shaped thread saver by girlontherocks 4// soft thread organizer by YarnStories 5// Llama floss holder by Woodandcat6// unicorn shaped floss keep by beadeux

Embroidery Kits

Perfect for beginners and embroiderers who don’t want to get all the materials – Embroidery kits are a great way to start embroidery! They include everything you need to make your own piece of wall art – no running around for supplies.

1// galaxy girl embroidery kit by cozyblue2// anatomical heart kit by MENonWOOLx3// GYM? funny cross stitch kit by sewcrosshandmade – 4// reindeer ornament kit by lolliandgrace 5// blue girl in a boat kit by tamarnahiryanai

Embroidery Books

In this digital age, flicking through a real book with some tea on the side is such a lovely treat. Gift your embroidery-loving friend some time off with an enjoyable embroidery book.

1// Stitch the Halls by Sophie Simpson – 2// The geometry of hand sewing by Natalie Chanin- 3// Animal embroidery workbook by Jessica Long- 4// Hoop Dreams by Cristin Morgan – 5// Dried Flower Embroidery by Olga Prinku
* All links to these books are Amazon partner links.


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gift guide for embroidery enthusiasts
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