How to embroider flowers – 16 floral stitches for your projects

how to embroider flowers

Learn how to embroider flowers with 16 step-by-step stitching tutorials. Use them for stitched flower wreaths, add more detail to a piece you are making right now or embellish your clothes. For example, stitched flowers work great to cover up these tedious tiny holes in T-shirts. Or a small stain that refuses to let go of your favorite garment.

Embellishing your clothes or home textiles with a spread of freshly stitched flowers also makes each item unique. During the process you’ll infuse your own ideas and skills into each textile making it something special that only you have. Isn’t it a lovely thought?

If you have never attempted flower embroidery, these little flower designs are a perfect start into floral embroidery! Choose one of the floral motifs below and get your needles moving 😀

I personally chose every single floral design because they are entry level, simple, and quickly finished.

How to embroider flowers

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All flower tutorials are available as an ebook on Etsy, too. The Flower Stitch Book contains photo tutorials for 24 unique floral designs and teaches you how to embroider flowers in no time.

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how to embroider flowers
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