Miniature embroidery – learn all about tiny embroidery

more about miniature embroidery

Miniature embroidery has a fascination about it, doesn’t it? So many things can fit into such a tiny hoop. It opens the door to a whole new world of possibilities. Especially for jewelry, miniature embroidery plays a big role. You can make pendants, rings, earrings, or medallions – whatever you can think of.

All about miniature embroidery

Get started with mini embroidery! Choose from a variety of tutorials, recommendations, tips and free patterns all you have to do is take your supplies and get started. If you want to give mini embroidery a try, this is the time to start.

more about miniature embroidery

Shops & Reviews

6 amazing mini hoop shops you need to check out
3 mini embroidery hoops reviewed

Mini embroidery tutorials

how to finish embroidery in a mini hoop
how to make embroidered jewelry
how to finish mini embroidery in a bezel

Mini embroidery patterns

Free mini patterns

Try out one of the free miniature designs for your personal use. The perfect opportunity to get started with mini hoops!

  1. Ocean sunset
  2. Autumn Leaves
  3. I love dogs
  4. blooming cactus

Mini embroidery pattern bundles

The new mini patterns come with a brand new layout with even more info on how to make the pattern than any of my previous patterns did. They include all the info you need to transfer and stitch the pattern (including stitch tutorials) and two step-by-step tutorials on how to finish your mini embroidery in a mini hoop or a bezel to use as jewelry. You can buy the miniature embroidery patterns in my Etsy Shop.

miniature embroidery pattern set pets

Interviews with embroidery people

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