Free mini embroidery pattern: Autumn Leaves

fall leaves free embroidery pattern

Are you ready for a free mini embroidery pattern? The autumn leaves miniature embroidery pattern is a simple and quick one. It is suitable for beginners and is a great gift for the nature-loving people in your life. Mini embroidery can be used in multiple ways. Use mini hoops to make jewelry out of it or simply stitch it on your shirts or other clothes for a little statement.

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The Autumn Leaves mini embroidery pattern

First, get your tools and materials and print out the template. Click here to get the template for printing or click the button below. This design is a beginner pattern and it takes about 1-2 hours from start to finish including the finishing of the hoop as a pendant.

Tools & Materials

Finished measurements

  • large round: 4,75cm/1.9inch
  • medium round: 3,25cm/1.3inch
  • small round: 2cm/0.78inch



  • embroidery hoop for embroidering the pattern; if you cut the fabric later, you can use a regular 6-inch hoop
  • embroidery needle
  • scissors
  • for finishing: craft glue
  • a mini hoop of your choice (here is a list of mini hoop shops)

Here is a list of my favorite embroidery tools, notions and materials over on Etsy.

autumn leaves free embroidery pattern


You can find the stitch tutorials below. The stranded embroidery thread can be split up. Use 3 strands for the large
version, 2 strands for the medium and 1 strand for the small version if not stated otherwise.Embroider each twig one after another.

  1. Begin with the stem. Use stem stitches to trace the line of the stem.
  2. Then add each leaf by using the satin stitch. It’s more or less three stitches for each leaf. Make one stitch right in the middle of the leaf then add two slightly shorter stitches to the sides.
  3. Repeat this for every twig.

For instructions on how to finish the mini hoop, visit this tutorial: How to finish embroidery in a mini hoop.

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