Flower embroidery patterns & kits – floral stitches for your home

the best of flower embroidery patterns

Are you looking for some flowers to stitch? Look no further! In this blog post, I’ll show you over 10 flower embroidery patterns and kits for you to enjoy making and indulge in. Hand embroidery kits also make for great gifts because everything is already there to start stitching right away.

Flowers have played a huge role in hand embroidery through the centuries and today they are still a fascinating subject. In recent years the big voluminous flowers like peonies and roses became popular again but also wildflowers and herbs make an appearance every now and then. My favorite flower embroidery patterns are those with a sassy quote or word on them!

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the best of flower embroidery patterns

Flower hand embroidery patterns & kits

Pansies flower embroidery pattern by Emillie Ferris

Pansies by Emillie Ferris

The colors in this flower pattern by Emillie Ferris are exceptional, don’t you think? You can embroider it in a frame but I bet they look stunning on a bag or piece of clothing, too!

Sunflower hug pattern

This sunflower embroidery design by Whyknotstitches is a lovely addition to every sun-filled room. It also makes a great gift – who needs a floral bouquet if you can have a stitched one that never dies?

Monochrome Florals by ThreadMeadows

If you are looking for a simple embroidery pattern, look no further. With this pattern set, you’ll be able to stitch simplistic and delicate flowers for your home. Available in the ThreadMeadows Etsy Shop.

My pattern recommendation

pink and burgundy peonies by Vingert

Pink & burgundy Peonies by Vingert

Diana from Vingert creates her embroidery patterns with 6 strands of embroidery thread and more. This way, you can whip up a hoop like this quite quickly and add a lot of texture, too. All of her patterns come with video instructions, so you can follow along with her step-by-step!
The flower embroidery hoop in this picture is very popular right now.

flower embroidery pdf by lolliandgrace

Flower embroidery pdf by LolliandGrace

Anne of LolliandGrace has a great hand for choosing just the right colors to cheer you up. This flower embroidery quote is no different!

Wildflower bouquet embroidery pattern by floralsandfloss

Wildflower bouquet by floralsandfloss

Bright and shiny flowers are not your thing? This lovely wildflower bouquet by floralsandfloss is a nice reminder of the delicate nature of wildflowers.

tiny herbs embroidery pattern by littledear

Tiny Herbs pattern by littledear

This pattern with small blooming herbs is also a more subtle motif. You can use the tiny herbs embroidery pattern by littledear to stitch on your clothes or household textiles, too!

this took forever embroidery pattern by NamasteEmbroidery

This took forever by NamasteEmbroidery

NamasteEmbroidery has nailed it with this flower quote embroidery pattern. I think it is time to acknowledge how much time flows into a piece of embroidery.

flower embroidery pattern by TamarNahirYanai

Enjoy Life by TamarNahirYanai

Playful and with lots of colors – the “Enjoy Life” embroidery kit is an ode to the joy of life. This beautiful design is made by TamarNahirYanai. She has also many more exquisite embroidery patterns and kits that are very affordable!

flower embroidery pattern by Ellucystitches

Flowers by Ellucystitches

Add a sprinkle of flowers with this embroidery pattern by Ellucystitches.

Learn to embroider flowers

Embroidering flowers most of the time is very easy. If you are a bit intimidated yet, you might enjoy the blog post How to embroider flowers – 16 simple stitches. There, you’ll get to know the 5 groups of stitches that I like to use for flowers. Complete with step-by-step tutorials!

Flower embroidery kits

Having everything ready to go is one of the perks of an embroidery kit. They make great gifts and are perfect if you live in an area without craft stores to get all the fancy materials. Here are my recommendations:

Kindness flower embroidery kit by Lolliandgrace

Kindness – embroidery kit

Anne of Lolli and Grace pairs a meaningful word with a bouquet of flowers and it is totally working out beautifully. There are also many other flower quote kits in her shop.

flower embroidery beginner kit by Hoffelt and Hooper Co

Beginner flower kit

Hoffelt and Hooper Co. is the name behind many lovely flower embroidery kits. This one comes with a lot of color options that you can choose from!

flower embroidery stitch book

Flower stitch book

For more detailed instructions, you can get the Flower embroidery stitch book in my Etsy shop. It contains step-by-step photo instructions with detailed explanations.

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the best of flower embroidery patterns
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