Summer embroidery patterns – for the beach vibes in your home

Move your home to the beach and add some beach vibes! From ocean views to magical scenes under the sea, you’ll find an embroidery pattern that is just right for you in this list of 12 hand selected summer patterns. Enjoy!

summer embroidery patterns

Pink glasses

The Sunglasses embroidery pattern by Naive Needle is such a clever idea! The colors aresoothing and just perfect for adding a splash of color to your home without it being over the top.

Pensacola beach

Look at all these textures in the Pensacola Beach embroidery pattern by faimycrossstitch! Kseniia has lots of other city-scapes in her shop, so make sure to have a look if your town is in it!

Hanauma Bay

Get even more beach vibes into your home with the Hanauma Bay Hawaii embroidery pattern by RosannaDiggs. All the different texture stitches make it very unique and interesting to stitch over the summer!

Big wave pattern

What would summer be without a splah of water? Right – too hot. The Tropical miniature embroidery by Pumora (yes, that is me) is a mini embroidery pattern and is stitched up in no time. And if you like tropical patterns, make sure to take a look at the tropical pattern set, too!

Flamingo pattern

It is time for more flamingos! Summer Flamingo embroidery pattern by BustleandSew

Strawberry pattern

Needlepainted strawberries last forever. I love that there are two color versions in the Strawberry embroidery pattern by LolliandGrace!

Summer in a jar

Can you smell the lovely scent of freshly picked flower in a jar? Catch a glimpse of Summer with the Summer in a Jar embroidery pattern by PolkaandBloom.

Tropical paradise

Look how unique the double hoop tropical paradise embroidery pattern by NamasteEmbroidery is! If you want to learn how to make this the pattern explains all the steps even with video instructions.

Under the sea…

If you like nautical themed decorations, the ship in a bottle embroidery pattern by littledear might be for you. With mermaids, narwals and the mighty kraken you’ll have them all in one hoop.


Summer = Lemonade stands, right? The humor in the Snarky Lemonade cross stitch pattern by Solvemprobler is just right up my alley.

Coral reef

Stitch up your own coral reef with the coral reef hand embroidery pattern by bySol!

Swimming pool

I just love this top shot of the swimming pool in the swimming embroidery pattern by SiwoolnParis

Bring your summer embroidery outside!

I hope you enjoyed this list of summer themed embroidery patterns. The good thing about embroidery is that you can take it where ever you want because it is so portable. So, if you don’t want to be stuck inside, put your embroidery in a nice project bag and head off to the lake, pool, garden or beach!

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