Flower embroidery artists to follow on Instagram

Floral motifs have been and still are a HUGE part of embroidery. Today, I want to introduce you to 7 amazing embroidery artists who use floral stitching in a modern context. All of them have stunning Instagram accounts, so make sure to leave them a like or follow them if you like their work as much as I do!

Disclaimer: this article contains unpaid advertisement (because I mention other people’s accounts).

Tessa Perlow

Tessa uses a lot of flowers in her modern embroidery pieces. Like in the picture below, you’ll see how unique her designs are. If you are on the hunt for statement fashion pieces – Tessa Perlow has many good things for you to offer!



The mother-daugther team behind the ukrainian embroidery artists Kazkowa specializes in stitching on caps and other accessories. They are heavily inspired by natural motifs – especially flowers – and the wealth of colors they come in.


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Sophie Clarke

Sophie combines her defined stitches with multiple other mediums. The piece below is a mixture of embroidery and watercolor on fabric. Sophie Clarke is also doing amazing stuff with printing techniques but flowers are like a red thread throughout her amazing work.


Nadya Sheremet – Familytoys

The ethereal art of Nadya’s stitches amazes me again and again. The Russian embroidery artist, who works under the name familytoys on Instagram, creates toys that are out of this world. I admit_ I would never let my kids play with these dolls and plush animals in fear they destroy this beautiful work of art.


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Oandy Studio

Hands down, Andy from Oandy Studio has figured it out! She doesn’t just stitch on fabric as we normal embroiderers do. No, she creates her own backgrounds with crochet. Using wool or wire, she creates the perfect and modern setting for her lovely flower stitches.


Fon Fior

Basket bags, caps, totes, HUGE hoops, clothes, mini portraits – there seems to be nothing that Alice of Fon Fior hasn’t stitched on yet. Her style is unique, colorful and has lots of flowers on it. Oh, did I mentioned she embroidered a ski mask with flowers? No? Well, now you know!


Georgie Emery

Incredible colors mixed with floral artwork – this is the embroidery by Georgie Emery. She also stitches the most beautiful butterflies – of course on a floral background. Make sure to check out her Instagram!


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