cotton flower embroidery tutorial

In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to capture the fluffy nature of a cotton flower with embroidery. Usually, I see this done with a more fluffy yarn than stranded cotton thread. If you want your cotton flower to be more on the softer or bigger side use more than one thread.

I used all 6 strands of cotton embroidery floss. This resulted in a fairly small cotton flower. For bigger ones, I would choose a thicker yarn like knitting yarn or tapestry threads made of wool. I know it’s kind of ironic that cotton yarn doesn’t make the cotton flower look fluffy enough.

I suggest testing out various threads to see which works best.

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flower embroidery stitch book

Flower stitch book

For more detailed instructions, you can get the Flower embroidery stitch book in my Etsy shop. It contains step-by-step photo instructions with detailed explanations.

cotton flower embroidery tutorial

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