Flower embroidery tutorials – BLOOM stitch series

bloom flower embroidery tutorials

Flower embroidery is one of the most popular subjects in the history of hand embroidery. There are simple flower stitches and more elaborate designs. Using different stitch techniques makes each flower unique. It also adds more texture and diversity to your projects. During flower embroidery tutorials series, you will get an individual video tutorial for each flower.

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Flower embroidery is great for embellishing clothes and your domestic textiles. A modern way to stitch flowers is in flower wreaths with quirky sayings. Yes, there have beeen flower quote embroideries before. The more modern versions come with lots of funny quotes though.

flower embroidery stitch book

Flower stitch book

For more detailed instructions, you can get the Flower embroidery stitch book in my Etsy shop. It contains step-by-step photo instructions with detailed explanations.

Flower embroidery tutorials

Now, let’s start stitching! Here are all flower tutorials in one spot. Click on the image to go to the tutorial page with the video tutorial.

You might also like the flower embroidery photo tutorial series. In that series, you can learn 5 basic embroidery stitches and how to use them for different variations of popular flower designs. Everything is set up as a step-by-step photo tutorial. This makes it easy to follow and learn new stitches.

bloom flower embroidery tutorials

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