whipped wheel rose with knotted center embroidery tutorial

whipped wheel with knotted center flower embroidery tutorial

This variation on the whipped wheel uses a center filled with knots to add more texture. It looks even better when you use a thread with a gradient.

For the weaving part of this flower, it helps to use a blunt needle. You can also turn the needle and use the part where you normally hold the needle as if it was the pointy end. This way you don’t have to change threads and can use the pointy end as well as easily weave.

Of course, you can use the pointy end for weave stitches, too. But be careful to not pierce the base stitches when you weave under them.

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flower embroidery stitch book

Flower stitch book

For more detailed instructions, you can get the Flower embroidery stitch book in my Etsy shop. It contains step-by-step photo instructions with detailed explanations.

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