Dark Academia embroidery patterns for your inner librarian

dark academia embroidery patterns for booklovers

As a book-lover myself, I can highly relate to the current aesthetics coming up like cottagecore and dark academia. In this article, you can find all the embroidery patterns that would make a great addition to your dark academia styled home.

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dark academia embroidery patterns for booklovers

Embroidery patterns for book lovers

Let’s start with the books section first, because what would an academia aesthetic be without books? The following patterns emphasize your love for books – not that your full bookshelves would not hint at that already…

The reading nook

This embroidery pattern by FeroniaEmbroidery shows the perfect spot for reading books. There are some interesting textures to stitch here that make this design a joy to embroider!

No shelf control

Well, what can I say? This is the perfect gift for every book lover or librarian. No shelf control by flossandhoopshop is a beginner-friendly pattern and quickly stitched up. Use dark fabrics to create more of a dark academia aesthetic for this one, and you are good to go.

Just one more chapter

FaerieDustEmbroidery nailed it with her stack of books. Isn’t this what we all say to ourselves before we read late into the night?

Cozy Reads embroidery pattern

This pattern by MagnusAndQuill is your daily reminder to always have a book and a cup of tea handy at home to relax and let the worries of the day go away.

Book Lady embroidery design

This pattern is a modern take on the book lady made by SlowEvenings. I love how it works with the flat design. It is not a quick stitching project, given the forms are all stitched with long and short stitches. It does look very pretty, and it is worth the effort, though.

Bookworm stick and stitch

This stick and stitch pack by EmilyJuneHandmade is perfect for adding small details to your shirt or book sleeve.

Stick and stitch packs are stickers to stitch over that you can wash out afterward. Read more about it here.

Lord of the Rings / The Hobbit inspired embroidery patterns

The hobbit hole

Get your own hobbit hole door in moody colors – just perfect for a book-themed room or your bookshelf. This embroidery pattern by threadingtheseasons has some interesting textures going on which makes this project even more fun to stitch and look at.

Lord of the Rings maps bundle

Lord of the Rings maps always have been a favorite of mine. This bundle with 4 map embroidery patterns by 20SomethingArt takes it a step further and combines maps with embroidery!

Pride and Prejudice

Darcy’s stitch sampler

This Darcy quote paired with the stack of books is a perfect match made by AndreaSmithDesigned.

Obstinate, headstrong girl

Stitcheryandco made this embroidered quote really pop with the blue and green colors. It is much different than the usual floral quotes and might fit better in a dark academia setting. Worked on green or brown fabric, this pattern could also work in a darker surrounding.

Embroidered book bag

So, this is not a pattern but a finished product but I just HAD to include this bag because it is just the perfect accessory and it is embroidered. VRStorybook has a lot of different book cover purses to carry around. Go take a look if you feel like splurging a bit.

Harry Potter inspired embroidery designs

Owl embroidery design

Owls are a symbol of wisdom and also a hint at your passion for a certain wizard world. This pattern by Feronia Embroidery can be stitched on a book sleeve to carry your current reads with care or in a frame.

Espresso Patronum

Coffee or tea? Well, with this embroidery pattern by HoopsieEmbroidery you’ll make clear that you are a coffee and a Harry Potter person.

The Marauder’s Map

Stitch your favorite quote from the infamous Marauder’s Map. This cross stitch pattern by PixelStitchPatterns is a great start in getting into Harry Potter decorations.

Hogwarts Castle embroidery pattern

This outline of Hogwarts by WhatsTheStitchLLC is a quick and beginner-friendly embroidery pattern. It is also a more subtle way to include your love for the Harry Potter books without it being too obvious and in your face.

Dark academia embroidery supplies

If you want to dive deep into the dark academia aesthetic, these embroidery tools will help you immerse yourself even when stitching.

Bird scissors

NeverNotKnitting has a huge selection of marvelous embroidery scissors like this one.


These hand-crafted thimbles are made of reclaimed leather and handcrafted in the UK.

Wooden bobbins

Wrap your threads around these wooden bobbins for your current project for a special look.

Decorating with anatomical embroidery

Embroidery projects can be great for decorating your bookshelves. There are some pretty embroidery hoops, like the flexi hoop shown in some of the pictures here, that work like a charm for framing embroidery.

Flower skeleton embroidery design

ALIFERA has lots of embroidery patterns that would work great in the dark academia setting. Here is one of her most popular ones, the flower skeleton. I highly recommend checking out her entire store.

Anatomical heart embroidery

This anatomical heart pattern is made by BellaSavoy, and it is such a simple and delicate approach to the subject. I like how light-hearted the lines and colors work together. I would rate this a beginner-friendly embroidery pattern.

Art Nouveau Brain embroidery

You can find lots of simple and beautiful embroidery patterns like this one in the TitaniumLaceShop. I highly recommend visiting!

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