Cottagecore embroidery patterns – projects for your cozy home

cottagecore embroidery patterns

Meadows flooded with sunlight, wildflowers, a woodland scene with rabbits and tree trunks and lots of moss, baking a lovely cake with an apron – all this is part of the cottagecore aesthetic that is all the rage now. I personally can absolutely relate to feeling more at home with things around me that give me comfort and soothe the soul. Living in a very rural area in Germany myself, the sight of fields, wildflowers, and trees makes me very happy every day and often helps me get over negative feelings in everyday life.

So without further ado, let’s dive into cottagecore embroidery projects that make you feel cozier at home!

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cottagecore embroidery patterns


For some reason, mushrooms are one of the favorite motifs of cottagecore. Here are some embroidery patterns that feature our favorite shrooms!

Home on the moon embroidery pattern by FeroniaEmbroidery on Etsy

Home on the moon

This embroidery pattern by FeroniaEmbroidery shows a cozy home with mushrooms on the moon. I love the whimsicalness of this motif. It is also a beginner-friendly pattern, so you can start your stitching journey with this one.

Fly agaric cross stitch pattern

If you rather like cross stitch, this fly agaric pattern by HappyLittleMouse might be perfect for you.
The black fabric brings out the vibrant colors of the mushrooms even more, and the greens really pop from the background.

Alina from HappyLittleMouse has even more cottagecore-related patterns with moths and mushrooms, so check out her Etsy shop, too!

Tiny mushrooms hand embroidery pattern

This collection of mushrooms by littledear can be stitched like shown in the picture, or you can use the individual motifs to stitch on your clothes, fabric napkins, or cushions. I love pattern collections like this to add a personal touch to items I already have.

3 mushrooms pattern bundle

EmbroiderybySia has created this lovely pattern bundle with 3 mushrooms worked with needle painting. They would look stunning in round wooden frames as a set on the walls!

What is cottagecore?

Cottagecore is a fashion aesthetic popularised by teenagers and young adults celebrating an idealized rural life. Traditionally based on a rural English and European life, it was developed throughout the 2010s and was first named cottagecore on Tumblr in 2018.[4] The aesthetic centres on traditional rural clothing, interior design, and crafts such as drawing, baking, and pottery, and is related to similar aesthetic movements such as grandmacore, farmcore, goblincore, and fairycore.

source: Wikipedia


Wildflowers are undeniably the most loved motif in cottagecore. You can find them everywhere. Usually, it is all about the delicate and sometimes overlooked flowers that get their recognition in cottagecore.

Wildflowers embroidery pattern

Queen Anne’s Lace, daisies, and forget-me-nots – this embroidery project by VividStitchShop has the flower garden essentials. I would recommend this embroidery pattern for beginners since it has a good selection of basic stitches to get started without being overwhelming.

AmityFloralEmbroidery Patterns

When it comes to wildflowers, I highly recommend AmityFloralEmbroidery. She has such a great eye for delicate wildflower designs. Here are my favorite patterns, but make sure to check out her shop, too! Aliaksandra’s patterns include video instructions so that the patterns are easy to follow.

Clover meadow

This lovely meadow design comes in subtle colors and make a great addition to your cottagecore home.


Simple and pretty. This project is a bit quicker than the clover meadow and is great for oval hoops.


The blackberries in this wreath really pop off the fabric. I love how the composition works.

Wildflower meadows pattern

This beginner-friendly embroidery pattern by DoodleAndStitchCo shows a beautiful meadow scene. Worked in lovely pastels with basic stitches, this is a great start into flower embroidery in general if you are a beginner.

Floral embroidery & dress sewing pattern

With this pattern by whynotstitching, you get the pattern for the flower embroidery plus the sewing pattern for the dress. So if you are in need of a simple, custom dress, go for it! The floral design is delicate and the color palette is a variation of dreamy neutrals.

Cottagecore animal patterns

Tiny sleeping fox embroidery pattern

Isn’t this sleeping fox the cutest little thing on earth?! Yulia from MossAndFeatherShop created this adorable pattern for you to stitch it. Because of the size, this project is also relatively quickly stitched up.

Sweet bee & floral wreath pattern

I absolutely adore every single pattern made by Emillie Ferris. This one is no exception. The little bee surrounded by yellow wildflowers is just adorable.
Emillie also has bundles for all of her patterns in her shop. I highly recommend her patterns as they are easy to follow and include VERY thorough step-by-step pictures. I basically learned needle painting with her patterns.

Hedgehog embroidery pattern

Diana Vingert has been popular for her flower embroidery patterns, but this hedgehog is just too cute to not be acknowledged! The textures in Diana’s patterns are always extra special, and she often uses her own way of stitching things. All of her patterns come with video tutorials.

More themed embroidery patterns

the best of bee hand embroidery

Bee embroidery patterns

All things honeycombs and bee-related! These diligent animals are a much loved stitching subject.

the best of flower embroidery patterns

Flower embroidery

Flowers are and have been the most stitched motif. There are many variations just like in nature.

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cottagecore embroidery patterns
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