DIY felt easter ornaments

hand-stitched easter ornaments

Make your own embroidered easter ornaments out of felt and some hand-stitched spring flowers. This quick and easy project is a lovely way to decorate your home for easter!

You’ll need:

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Transfer the motif

The easiest way to transfer a motif to felt is water soluble stabilizer, also called stick-n-stitch embroidery paper. You can trace the pattern onto the stabilizer or print on it. Then stick it onto the felt, stitch over it, and wash the stabilizer away afterward. If you want to learn more about this type of transfer method, read this article.

How to embroider a crocus

  1. Start with the leaves. Stitch them in green stem stitches
  2. Fill parts of the crocus with cream-colored split stitches.
  3. Add accents with purple threads in split stitch.

How to embroider a daffodil

  1. Use regular or reverse chain stitch to embroider the stem in green.
  2. Fill the outer petals with yellow in chain stitch.
  3. Embroider 4-5 chain stitches around the middle of the flower.
  4. Use blanket stitch to add 2 stitches into every chain stitch in the middle.
  5. Add a second round of blanket stitches that go through the previous round of stitches. Add 2 stitches for every blanket stitch underneath.
  6. Embroider 2 additional rounds in blanket stitch but only 1 stitch per previous stitch.

How to embroider a primrose

  1. Use back stitch in purple to embroider around all petals.
  2. With yellow, add 5-6 french knots around the center.
  3. Backstitch around the outer lines of the leaves in green.
  4. Use fly stitches in green to add the veins of the leaves.

How to embroider a pansy

  1. Add some single stitches in yellow around the middle of the pansy.
  2. Use stem stitch in green for the stem.
  3. With a light and darker shade of purple, embroider the petals in short and dense blanket stitches.

How to make the felt ornaments

When you finished embroidering all 4 flowers, cut out the felt in an egg shape. Cut out an additional piece of felt per ornament for the back.

Prepare strips of bast or ribbon with a length of about 4 inches/10cm. Fold the ribbon and insert the ends between both layers of felt. Attach the ribbon with 2 crossed stitches that are sewn through all layers and the ribbon.

Continue to embroider around the felt egg shape with blanket stitch. If you want, you can add a bit of stuffing to the egg.

Now, hang your new easter ornaments into some branches 😀

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