Home Sweet Home embroidery patterns

home sweet home embroidery patterns

Our homes often are like a sanctuary from the outside world. The Home Sweet Home sign has been a classic to welcome yourself and guests into a home. In this article, I have gathered a plethora of cute, inspiring, and colorful house embroidery patterns to make your home even more inviting.

So without further ado, let’s dive into house embroidery projects that make you feel cozier at home!

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Home Sweet Home

Blue flower home embroidery

I can see this Home Sweet Home embroidery pattern by iHeartStitchArt in a coastal or Scandinavian-inspired home. It also is a quick project for a last-minute gift to new homeowners.

Leavy Home Sweet Home

Surrounded by leaves, the Home Sweet Home embroidery pattern by LinenThreadTimber creates a calming yet inspiring entry to your flat or house. The cursive font is the perfect fit for this charming embroidery design.

Flower ring home pattern

Keep it simple and impactful with the Home Sweet Home pattern by MindfulMantraDesigns.

Natural Home Sweet Home

This delicate Home Sweet Home sign by JuniperStitchesShop is the perfect match for your minimalistic and natural home. The colors and flowers are calming and inviting you to a nice cup of herbal tea.

Home flower embroidery pattern

The color scheme of the Home embroidery pattern by CutesycraftsBoutique is right up my alley. The fabric appliqué adds a layer of interest and also makes it much easier to fill the space. imagine stitching all that with chain or satin stitch!

Flower power house design

Let’s amp up the colors a bit! For everyone who likes it bright and shiny, this Home Sweet Home pattern by WhyknotStitches comes with all the pretty colors and flower power!

How to embroider houses

Theresa Lawson, alias the Monsters Lounge, is known for her impressive portfolio of stitched house portraits. In her book Hand-Stitched House, she gathered all the knowledge she gathered while making commissioned house portraits.

Hand-Stitched House book by Theresa M. Lawson

Hand-Stitched House

If you want to stitch your house, THIS is the resource you need! I own this ebook & stitched many house portraits.

Custom pattern

If you need more help with your house portrait, Therese offers to create the pattern for you to stitch yourself.

house embroidery project by the monsters lounge


Theresa talked with me about house embroidery, how she started this type of stitching, and what to watch out for in this interview.

Village embroidery pattern

This scenic village is a pattern by Bloom & Stitch Shop. The many details make it interesting to stitch and a joy to look at!

Little House embroidery sampler

This cute house embroidery sampler gives you an insight into the doll house-style rooms. It also is a sampler to learn the basic stitches for beginners. This way, Littledear made it extra interesting to learn embroidery.

Country Home embroidery pattern

This idyllic countryside house pattern by Threadingtheseasons is a quick project for your cottage-style home. I love the fluffy clouds and sheep (of course!).

Half-timbered houses pattern

As someone who lives in a former half-timbered house, I have to include this stunning pattern by Faimyxstitch. If you like satin stitch and love pretty old houses, I highly recommend this embroidery pattern.

The scene is from Nuremberg, in Southern Germany, so I might be a bit biased. There are many fabulous scenic embroidery patterns for houses and cityscapes in her shop, so make sure to visit Faimyxstitch.

Spring cabin embroidery pattern

Magnus and Quill have many cabin embroidery patterns. I like this spring version with all the textured goodness that you get with 6 strands of embroidery floss. It will eat up a lot of thread, but it just looks so beautiful!

More themed embroidery patterns

Looking for more embroidery inspiration?

cottagecore embroidery patterns

Cottagecore embroidery

All things cottage and country living for your inner meadow-dwelling self.

dark academia embroidery patterns for booklovers

Book embroidery

Express your introverted book-loving side with quotes & novel stitching.

cat embroidery patterns

Cat patterns

Cute cats, snarky cats, sleepy cats – all you need for stitching your pet.

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