Cat embroidery patterns

cat embroidery patterns

Many embroidery people I know – me included – are also cat people. Cats might get entangled with your threads or like to sit on your hoop – because it is basically a round box from the perspective of a cat. But stitched cats are tame and don’t mess with your threads, so let’s embroider some cats! Today I want to show you my selection of cat embroidery patterns. Ranging from the crazy cat lady to the cutest cats ever…

If you are new to hand embroidery, you can find my comprehensive guide to embroidery here on the blog.

cat embroidery patterns

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siamese cat cross stitch pattern by LaSelvaDesign

Mini siamese kitten cross stitch pattern

This cross stitch pattern by La Selva Design is just the cutest thing ever! Make sure to take a look at her other patterns, too, as she has all kinds of cute baby animal patterns!

cat in the meadow embroidery pattern by PurrPattern

Cat in the meadow embroidery pattern

This lovely cat pattern is made by PurrPatterns and she has a lot of cute cat stitching going on in her shop, too! I love the gentle vibe of this pattern the most though.

flower crown kitty by stitchwithskye

Flower crown cat pattern

Speaking of subtle patterns, this simple cat embroidery pattern by Stitch with Skye brings out the soft side in a cat’s temper. Because of its simplicity, it also makes for a great last-minute gift for the cat lady in your life.

cat yawn embroidery pattern by EllVioletDesign

sleepy cats embroidery pattern

This set of 2 patterns is made by EllVioletDesign. Isn’t this yawning cat just wonderful?

cat embroidery pattern by OhSewBootiful

Cats, cats, cats!

With the cats, cats, cats pattern by OhSewBootiful, you’ll have an endless pattern that you could also stitch on anything bigger than a hoop. Wouldn’t it look nice on a cushion cover that your cats like to snuggle in?

home is where the cats are cross stitch pattern

Home is where the cats are cross stitch pattern

Maybe you can relate? I most certainly feel much more home when my cats are around me. This cat cross stitch pattern by LilyPatternStudio is making a good point.

mysthical cat by ALIFERA

The Three Eyed Cat embroidery pattern

Let’s stay in the magical realm with this three eyed cat pattern by ALIFERA. If you are into this type of imagery, make sure to check out ALIFERA’s other patterns. I’m sure you’ll enjoy them, too!

cat lady embroidery pattern by iHeartStitchArt

Cat Lady

The Cat Lady embroidery pattern by iHeartStitchArt is the perfect project for any cat lover. It includes both feline characters – one striped, one fluffy – so you can customize as you’d like!

cat embroidery pendant kit by CoconutTheory

Cat jewelry embroidery kit

CoconutTheory is the mastermind behind these adorable cat faces. In the kit, you’ll get everything you need to make your favorite kitten to wear around the neck.

cat silhouette cross stitch patterny by LaSelvaDesign

Cat Silhouettes cross stitch pattern

Use this set of cat silhouettes to stitch cats on everything! This pattern is also by LaSelvaDesigns, who made the cute siamese kitten cross stitch right at the beginning of this post.

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cat embroidery patterns

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