How to frame embroidery in a flexi hoop – tutorial

Have you finished your embroidery? It sits there right in front of you or maybe you found one of your older pieces that you never got around framing? Well, this tutorial shows you how to frame embroidery in a flexi hoop.

Disclaimer: this article contains affiliate links to the embroidery patterns used in the videos.

how to frame embroidery in a flexi hoop


Just in case you are wondering which embroidery patterns I used:
The mushroom girl pattern is by CozyBlue and the butterfly needle painting pattern is by Emillie Ferris!

How to frame embroidery in a flexi hoop

Flexi hoops are a little bit different to the regular wooden hoops. I really really like the woodgrain flexi hoops as they look quite rustic and add a certain mood to natural motifs. And yes, I can see the irony on preferring the plastic hoops with wood grain look over the actual generic wooden hoop.

I like to add a layer of felt to act as padding between fabric and inner hoop to give it a more… padded look.

It also helps to hide the white inner frame that sometimes shines through thin and light colored fabric like in the first video.

If you have a regular wooden hoop, you might enjoy this article: How to frame embroidery in a hoop

Backing with paper

The second video shows how to finish your embroidery with pretty paper. I used a quite sturdy scrap booking paper. These come in A LOT of colors and patterns!

I personally find the paper backing a very good looking option, especially for presents.

If you want, you can cut out a circle in the middle of the paper to show the many stitches in the back. I have seen a couple of artists do this. It is like a window to the hidden side of your embroidery art and showcases all the labor and thread that went into it.

The layer of felt is a must for this method as it acts as a barrier against the glue. You most certainly don’t want to have glue on your stitches, so make sure to add something between. It doesn’t have to be felt. A thick fabric like denim would work, too.

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