Hands of Embroidery interviews – a look behind the scenes

hands of embroidery interview series

Embroidery – especially hand embroidery – formed throughout history through extraordinary, diligent and visionary people.

The time every piece of embroidery spends in the stitcher’s hands varies.

Yet, every hand leaves a trace on a piece. A trace that is not to be seen but felt.

The trace that embroiderer’s hands leave in their work can be one of joy, sadness, kindness, anger, love or all together.

Embroidery is not for the impatient. Whenever we as embroiderers make and give a piece of our labor to another person it’s with the hope that the receiver appreciates it. The time our hands put into it, our minds and our hearts.

hands of embroidery interview series

With these interviews, I want to show you the hands, minds, and hearts of the people of embroidery

The very people we drool over on social media. People who make the tools we love to use as embroidery enthusiasts and who use their special gift to bring something in this world that nobody else can do exactly the same.

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