Flower embroidery – the art of floral stitches

the art of flower embroidery

Flower embroidery is one of the most popular subjects in the history of hand embroidery. There are simple flower stitches and more elaborate designs. Using different stitch techniques makes each floral motif unique. It also adds more texture and diversity to your projects.

In this article, you will find all the resources and tutorials on Pumora you need to start your own flower stitching journey!

the art of flower embroidery

How to stitch simple florals

5 days of flower stitches. The flower embroidery days series takes you by the hand and shows you how to make these 16 floral designs.

Flower video tutorials

For a more extended flower embroidery range, you might like the 24 video tutorial series on floral stitches. Every one of these flowers is unique and practical for different purposes. For example, you can use the mini flowers to stitch a meadow filled with tiny flowers.

Each video shows the process from start to finish, making it easy for you to stitch your own flowers.

the art of flower embroidery

Popular flower ebooks

flower embroidery stitch book

Flower Embroidery Stitch Book

Learn more about the art of flower stitches with the flower embroidery stitch book. Including step-by-step pictures and explanations for 24 unique floral designs.

leaf embroidery ebook

Leaf Embroidery Stitch Book

Flowers always look better with some greenery around. Get the leaf stitch book separately or buy it as a bundle with the flower stitch book to save some bucks.

Pumora & Anchor Collab

Check out this article to get 4 free embroidery patterns! All of them are inspired by flowers and give you instructions on how to stitch on a shirt, sunhat, shoes, and how to make a patch.

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