Satin stitch tutorial – embroidery video instructions

satin stitch embroidery tutorial

Satin stitch has been playing a huge role in historical embroidery. Even nowadays, the beauty and versatility of this stitch speak for itself. The smooth and shiny surface that you can achieve with the satin stitch is hardly achievable with any other stitch. In this embroidery tutorial, I share my tips and tricks for making the satin stitch.

This tutorial is part of the new lexicon of embroidery stitches.

How to get neat satin stitches

  1. Pre-stitch the outlines first with a split or chain stitch. This guides the thread around the edges and it makes it a lot easier to get the edges neat.
  2. Don’t cheat and work each stitch in the same direction. Stitching back and forth will affect how the edges look!
  3. There is only so long that you can make a satin stitch. Since the bare threads are laying on the surface the threads will get wonky when the stitches are too long. If you have larger areas to fill, use a different type of stitches like Romanian couching or needle painting. Another possibility is to divide a larger shape into smaller ones and use satin stitch then.
  4. A finer fabric helps a lot with a neat satin stitch (depending on your thread size of course). Also, a satin stitch with 1 or 2 threads will look shinier and neater than a 6 strand satin stitch. It depends on what you want to achieve though!

The satin stitch embroidery tutorial


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satin stitch embroidery tutorial by Pumora
satin stitch embroidery tutorial by Pumora

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