Embroidery patterns inspired by trees

embroidery patterns inspired by trees2

The fresh air in the forest, the light green leaves and darker needles, the silence and serenity – trees have been a major inspiration for artists in history and modern times. It is no surprise that trees have made it into the realm of embroidery, too! Here are my favorite embroidery and cross stitch patterns inspired by trees.

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Satsuma Street tree cross stitch pattern

Forest cross stitch pattern

Do you like a splash of color in your home? Then look no further because this forest is not the usual green one. Like all the patterns from Satsuma Street, this row of trees adds color to your home.

cosy evenings stitch forest cross stitch pattern

Forest cross stitch pattern

Cross-stitching a whole forest scene like this one by CozyEveningsStitch is as relaxing as it can get. But having it sit on your walls and remind you of the fresh air in the woods is even more relaxing. Bonus points, if you get the wood-alike flexi hoop like the one in this picture!

cozy blue moonlight pine embroidery pattern

Moonlight pine embroidery pattern

The moon and a pine tree all in lovely blue stitches. The Moonlight Pine Patten by CozyBlue is one of those simple yet clever patterns that are so enjoyable to embroider.

wild thing toys camping embroidery pattern

Camping in the woods pattern

Add a little bit of camping flair to your fabric tote with this tent in the woods pattern by wildthingtoys. Make it colorful like in this picture or go all green – it is your choice!

autumn tree embroidery pattern by wandering threads art

Autumn tree pattern

Not a fan of green trees? Try this autumn tree pattern by WanderingThreadsArt
in all the shades of autumn foliage.

KFNeedlework tree embroidery pattern

Tree stack pattern

A simple and modern approach to the Christmas tree motif is the tree stacks pattern by KFNeedleworkDesign. I love how she uses many different stitch techniques in this pattern without overwhelming the piece.

house in the forest by naive needle

Foggy Forest pattern

Imagine you wake up in the morning in this lovely cabin and this is the view you get. The foggy forest pattern by NaiveNeedle is an ode to the silence and serenity of the deep forests.

everything becomes new again wildwood needle crafts

Everything becomes new again

There are so SO many flower embroidery patterns with lettering in the middle, that I loved to see a green fir tree one! The Everything becomes new again pattern by WildwoodNeedleCraft is inspired by the new fresh needles that grow out at the tips of fir tree branches. It always is such a lovely sight indeed.

Winter Forest Letters by MoodyGreen

Winter Forest Letters

MoodyGreen is famous for her amazing initials embroideries. This winter forest-themed pattern is perfect for the colder time of the year. It is a bit festive but more on the wintery side than being Christmassy. While it is certainly not a quick project, it is easy to stitch and great for sitting by the fireplace (or let’s be real: in front of the TV 😉 )while working on it.

winterwoods by knack makings

Winter Landscape

What is not to love about this little light blue house in the Winter landscape pattern by whyknotstitches? If you can’t go on vacation in the woods, then stitch up your own lovely cabin to dream of.

More themed embroidery patterns

the best of bee hand embroidery

Bee embroidery patterns

All things honeycombs and bee-related! These diligent animals are a much loved stitching subject.

the best of flower embroidery patterns

Flower embroidery

Flowers are and have been the most stitched motif. There are many variations just like in nature.

the best of hand embroidery samplers

Sampler patterns

If you want to learn many new stitches but don’t dare to do that in a project, stitch samplers are perfect to practice!

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embroidery patterns inspired by trees2
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