lazy daisy stitch tutorial

lazy daisy stitch tutorial

In this video tutorial, you’ll learn how to embroider the lazy daisy stitch. It is traditionally used a lot for flower embroidery. You can see some examples of how to stitch flowers in the lazy daisy stitch in this blog post. The lazy daisy is actually a single chain stitch and once you got the hang of how the loop is stitched in place, it is one of the easiest ways to embroider flowers!

This tutorial is part of the new lexicon of embroidery stitches.

The lazy daisy tutorial


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The movement of the needle is sometimes hard to get across with a sketch or photograph. Video is a great way for learning embroidery stitches. On my Youtube channel, you can find many more embroidery tutorials. Every Sunday, I publish a brand new embroidery stitch tutorial. To get notified when a new video goes live, subscribe to my Youtube channel and click on the bell right beside the button.

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lazy daisy stitch tutorial
lazy daisy tutorial

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If you are new to embroidery, I highly recommend the 7 days of stitches articles. It is a blog series where you can learn step by step and with a lot of explanations of how to do the most basic embroidery stitches.

Also, the beginner’s guide to embroidery helps you with all the other stuff like:

  • which materials and tools you need
  • how to attach the thread to the fabric before and after stitching
  • what to do after stitching

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