Popular embroidery tutorials

This section contains all of the most popular embroidery blog series. Filled to the brim with photo and video tutorials, resources, and tips & tricks.

Flower Embroidery

Learn more about the art of flower embroidery with the flower embroidery series – video tutorials included.

Beginner Embroidery

New to hand embroidery? Start out with the comprehensive guide for aspiring embroidery enthusiasts!

Hair Embroidery

Hair embroidery is the latest embroidery trend! Learn how to stitch your own hairy portrait with the hair embroidery blog series.

Miniature Embroidery

Mini hoops and miniature stitches – this tutorial section is all about these tiny little things.

Embroidery Tips & Tricks

To see all embroidery tips & tricks related blog posts, go here.

Embroidery tutorials

You can find the entire set of tutorials over here.

Editor’s picks

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